Professionals use professional equipment

Our Labs allow us to observe users in an ideal environment. We invite them, then let them play with your sketches, prototypes, app, website or game, and work their way through your ideas. Invariably, they deliver feedback without constraint. Need to test your product in context? We’ll set up our Pop-up Lab and so you can observe how your mobile app performs whilst in transit. Our Pop-up Lab offers pretty much the same equipment, the same software, the same features — but can be set up at any given location.

interviewer and participant sitting in our lab testing a website.

Interviewer (right) and the participant(left) testing a site in our lab

Fully equipped in house usability lab facilities

Our usability labs are situated right across the street from Amsterdam Central Station. Both labs are fully equipped, including eye-tracking hardware, to conduct various types of user tests. Because all equipment is connected to our viewing rooms, you can easily observe users as they test websites, apps, prototypes and hand-held devices. It goes without saying that we can test and record all major Operating Systems and devices.

photo of our pop-up lab trolley in front of Amsterdam Central station

Flexible pop-up labs to test everywhere

Although our labs offer a perfect test environment for users and observers, sometimes we need to conduct tests in context. Our Pop-up Lab is easily set-up and contains exactly the same equipment as our stationairy usability labs. We’re up and running in half an hour. At your location, in a store, museum or out on the streets.

Watch it online

If you can’t be present, you can always log in an view the session remotely. Additionally, we always record the sessions for those unable to join us at that specific time. This is especially handy when you’re making use of our Mobile Lab, because network coverage does not always allow for remote viewing in those cases.