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It is only fair to say that voice’ has arrived. Voice assistants are popping up everywhere. And we, at Valsplat, believe in the technology. However, to us the voice trend is bigger than voice. It is about intertwining digital interactions with natural behavior. Or, giving people a frictionless natural way of interaction. Voice is a huge step towards a digital world in which people don’t have to modify their natural behavior to explain computers what they need — computers will simply understand. Before we go too fast, let’s take it one step at a time, and focus on voice first

Be critical

Voice caught on in the Netherlands pretty recently. And it did so fast. Looking at the soaring figures, a few big questions came to our minds: how do we make sure voice interactions are actually more convenient, more accessible and contribute to a better user experience than the solutions that are in place already?

Making sure that voice interactions really add value for people and make their lives better is what we’re concerned with. Therefore, we felt compelled to jump on board and help our customers build voice solutions that matter. In the meantime, we’ve joined forces with Albert Heijn and PostNL to discover how voice can help their customers getting their job done more easily.

Time to experiment

Just like voice is new to you, it’s also new to us. Thus it requires experimenting. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Through periodical, brief updates we’ll share our learnings with you. Stay tuned, because every now and then we’ll brighten up your day with an update!

  • Nina van den Heuvel