How much does it
cost to get users involved?

Check out these ballpark figures

Our best guesstimates

You need help gathering user insights.
But how much does it cost to run a usability test? And how much to create a complete user-centered environment? Since every assignment is unique, there is no fixed answer to those questions. However, the info below might help you determine the appropriate budget for your upcoming project.

When you need ad hoc user insights

One test

Suppose you’re in the middle of a project. How can you make sure you’re moving in the right direction? We will gladly help you find out. Our team will take care of everything from selecting the appropriate research method to its execution and subsequent analysis.

In most cases this will take approximately two weeks and cost about €10K for a team of researchers.

Collaborate with a research team

Throughout a project

When you’re about to start a new project, make sure you’ve got your user experience specialists in place. Our team will gather the necessary user insights related to your site, app or other digital project. They will conduct research multiple times during the project and make sure their insights contribute to ideation, design, execution and optimization.

Collaborating with one of our teams for a period of approximately three months requires a budget of €60K.

Users at the heart of your organization

Establishing a blossoming user-centered culture

Are you serious about putting your user at the heart of your business? Then let us help you. Together, we will work towards a thriving user-centered culture in your company. We’ll commit ourselves to establishing a working environment from the bottom up if necessary. Don’t expect us to lead from behind our desk, either. Instead, allow us to liaise with your clients, get to know your users and share our insights. We will ingrain working methods, training and mobilizing key players within your organization.

Strategic partnerships are multi-annual commitments and should be budgeted at €200K per year.

Teams that fit in seamlessly

Achieving great user experiences relies heavily on good teamwork. That’s why our teams are built around your business. A proper cultural fit enables us to become part of a well-oiled machine as well as its co-driver.

Typical team characteristics & deliverables:

  • user experience specialists
  • empathic analysts
  • 15+ years of combined experience
  • result driven
  • seasoned interviewers
  • usability advice
  • business consultancy
  • conceptual (design)input