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We live and breathe research and design

We’ve been doing research and design work for over 20 years. From in-depth interviews, diary studies and concept tests to design sprints, interaction design, and visual design. Anything to understand the world of people and get insights that help us design better products. One way, or the other. Remotely or face to face. Moderated (live interviews) or unmoderated (participants go through tasks independently). Domestically or internationally.

Remote face2face 3x

Remote or face to face research?

Recent developments underline the importance of remote research. Is remote research better or worse than face to face research? No, it’s just different. It’s more intimate and the context is more realistic — we can literally peak into people’s lives. They have the distractions they usually have. They sit on the chair they usually sit on. On the flip side, testing confidential work is more risky. It’s harder to guide people with limited digital skills. Poor internet connection is always a risk. And the power of body language partly disappears. Getting the best insights that help you design worthwhile products, is all about understanding the pros and cons of both methods.

Remote process

A smooth remote experience

Every day we jump into our virtual lab to do all kinds of qualitative research and design work: from in-depth interviews to basic UX tests and co creation sessions. Customers join us in our virtual observation room during interviews. We discuss what we see. Why we see it. What makes it important. And eventually translate insights into fresh ideas, improvements to the product, or new propositions.

Feel free to get in touch anytime to share your ideas, experiences or challenges. We’d love to exchange thoughts.