Showing your site or app to customers and learn how you can improve — that’s what we call evaluative research. It has many faces. And there are plenty of variables that determine the best way to do it. We’ll walk you through a few.

What does evaluative research look like?

If you want to optimize your site or app, learn about the why’ behind the numbers you see in analytics, or simply discover possible obstacles, we set up a usability test/​UX test. In our (online) UX lab we have your customers go through your website or app. We watch their behavior and ask questions to learn about the story behind their choices. This results in a bunch of insights that help you make better design choices.

IMG 8778 anglecorrection
Shot of our lab in The Hague

Sometimes you’re on a budget or don’t have time to do full-on research — but you still want insights. An expert review can help you out. Our researchers and designers take a look at your design and give feedback. And not just on the basics. We give detailed feedback based on 20 years of experience with hundreds of customers.

Another form of evaluative research are sitemap tests. Good navigation and site structure are essential for the success of your app or website. Can customers get their job done? Does the structure make sense? And how about the labeling? Where do people get stuck? By doing a sitemap test you discover whether or not your site is navigable. It helps you get the basics right.

Evaluative research is never done. It is a continuous process. You should do it periodically to learn how you can improve.

Evaluative research is in our DNA

We’ve been putting people at the heart of the digital world since the early 2000s. This all started with evaluative research. Fair to say it’s in our DNA.

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