You can satisfy customer and business needs in thousands of ways. We help you explore different solutions and test them as early as possible to find the best fit for your brand and customers. We call that explorative research.

What does explorative research look like?

Just like fundamental research, it looks very different case by case. But it always starts with a clear challenge and understanding of your market, brand, and customers.

Once we have that, we start generating loads of ideas together. Ideas that could possibly solve the challenge. We typically do this in an ideation workshop.

Ideation workshop in our UX lab
Ideation workshop at our Amsterdam office

Next, we translate the most promising ideas into a prototype. A prototype can be anything: from a storyboard to a poster or a pixel perfect design. We don’t just prototype to build toward a final product — prototypes are a tool to learn if the solution actually works.

So when the prototype is ready, we test it. From concept tests, group interviews, or in-depth interviews in our labs, to more quick and dirty experiment design. The best way to validate, all depends on the prototype we’ve chosen.

Are you in a rush? We can set up a design sprint and do all the above — from a broad challenge to a tangible and tested solution — in a single week.

After you’ve done explorative research, you know with much more certainty which solutions work and which don’t. It helps you design the right things.

But don’t forget to keep on testing

We’ve been on this ride for 20+ years

We started doing research and design around the start of the century. Now, 20 years later we dare to say we know how to uncover customer needs and create solutions that fit. We’ve helped organizations like KLM, UvA, KPN, and NLZIET find solutions for their design challenges.

Ilja Groenewegen

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