A UX vision is a moonshot of where you want to be in a future moment. Typically in one to three years from now.

But why does it really help?

Simple: very often, the product you have now, is a result of legacy and current limitations. By shifting the horizon a little further down the road, it’s easier to let go of the issues of the day and think more freely: what’s the best possible experience we can deliver in three years from now? How will our customer’s lives be better if we solve problem x, y, and z?


A UX vision might still sound vague. So let’s clear things up.

You can think of a UX vision as a concept car: something you can look at and that’s quite real, but without the tech. It’s a demo or a prototype to show others where you want to take them.

It helps teams focus less on what the competition is doing. Decision makers ask what small steps can we take to get closer to our vision’? It unites. It clarifies. It helps you take concrete steps.

Since the UX vision will guide you for the coming years, it’s really important that internal teams are enthusiastic. But more importantly: your customers should be happy with it. Make sure it connects to their world, needs, and frustrations by testing the concept with them.

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