“This girl can create time when there isn’t any.”

Annemarie Schaapveld


T +31 20 70 552 22


Annemarie is our office engine. She spreads joy throughout the office as she makes the rounds with her unwavering smile. A true team player, she’s always there to lend a helping hand.

Her time management skills are somewhat of a mystery. She has time for you, even when her schedule clearly shows that she doesn’t have time. She will somehow create time. Even if the office should be about to collapse and there isn’t even time to create some time, Annemarie will tell you so calmly and pleasantly. She’ll even take the time to pencil in a new appointment for you.

Should you have the time, we do recommend going out dancing with Annemarie. Where and when exactly? Leave that up to her, she’ll undoubtedly have taken care of it long ago.


  • Research Master International Development Studies at University of Amsterdam
  • Bachelor Social Geography
Header image credit: rogersroadrash.blogspot.nl