“The rock of empathy in our sea of constant commotion.”

Bibi van Schouwenburg


T +31 20 70 552 36


Bibi is the rock of empathy in our sea of constant commotion. She knows when something is up before you do and somehow finds the time to listen to your every word. Or maybe she doesn’t really ‘find’ the time - perhaps that’s just how people manage time when they are extremely well organized. She actually has a file for everything you can think of and documents studiously what goes on at the office as well as in her mind. Fascinating.

“I try to nurture the mutual interests between company and colleagues and guide them towards a harmonious balance.”

We can always count on Bibi to help us put things in perspective and help us remain just as calm. It’s nice to untangle issues with Bibi - or any colleague she tells you to team up with. She really has a knack for that sort of thing (good thing she’s in HR, then). She remembers things, too. By the time you’ve just about forgotten what prompted you to seek her help in the first place, she’ll tap you on the shoulder and ask for an update.

“Bibi has an extremely sensitive receiver for the personal signals her co-workers transmit.”

There is nothing we would rather do than go to a health spa with Bibi. Not so much because we need it ourselves, but because we think she really, really deserves it.

Header image credit: wikia.nocookie.net