“Bjorn is best served chilled out.”

Bjorn Post

Senior UX Specialist

T +31 20 70 552 55


Nobody knows what Bjorn looks like when he’s stressed. It just doesn’t seem to happen. He works hard, knows exactly what he’s aiming for and is clearly motivated to achieve it. We rely on him to remain focused throughout and because of that, Bjorn is indispensable.

“I like to sketch quickly. Don’t waste time talking, just try things out. It’s very exciting when sketches and ideas blend and trigger positive user responses.”

We turn to Bjorn when we want to pull someone’s leg — not because he is such a prankster, but because he is extremely solution-focused. He hones in on a challenge and draws upon his extensive working knowledge to offer practical, applicable solutions.

With his wide range of interests, we enjoy spending time with Bjorn at an art exhibition followed by an evening of fine dining and a G&T fueled all-nighter at one of Amsterdam’s unforgettable karaoke bars. Bjorn is best served chilled out — and fortunately, that seems to be his default state.

Top Skills

  • Usability
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • Usability Testing

The Bjorn Supremacy

  • Studied Digital Communication
  • Is a full-fledged programmer in his spare time
  • Is a Certified Scrum Master
Header image credit: Nasa (AS11-40-5903)