“Why go for average, if awesome is within reach?”

Fabian van Noort

UX Specialist

T +31 20 330 54 54


Fabian’s mind is the ultimate weapon. Like Fabian’s blue Victorinox Huntsman, it is always sharp and ready to go. His focussed curiosity leaves no stone unturned on the way from average to awesome. If the devil is in the details, you can count on Fabian to provide insights and suggestions.

“All you have to do, is decide what to do”

Asking “why” and “why not” is one of Fabian’s strong suits. When he is not asking his way towards understanding users, he listens as attentively as to his audiophile stereo system. Having a sense for the context allows Fabian to make sure his suggestions are exactly what is needed. He knows how to work towards a solution and he makes sure everything feels just right along the way.

“I like figuring things out to the bottom and making things work exceptionally well.”

Equal parts tech geek and psychology buff. He knows his stuff and he knows his people. His interests run from chatting with Siri to cognitive biases, from statistical analyses to psychoacoustics and from interaction design to back-end implications. Mix this with his sincere curiosity and you get an interesting conversation every time.

Top Skills

  • Human Factors
  • UX Design
  • Quantitative Research


  • Applied Cognitive Science, MSc. cum laude
  • Information Studies – Human Centred Multimedia, MSc.
  • Information Science, BSc.
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