“Iris is incomparable.”

Iris Nagtegaal

Panel Manager

T +31 20 626 00 29


Iris feeds participants into our testing machine, endlessly liaising between members of our panel, external sources, the user research experts and clients. She makes sure there is always a perfect match between the users and the test and that everybody is in the right place at the right time.

You won’t be surprised to know that we think of Iris as the personification of flexibility. She moves mountains while under constant pressure. She gets things done. We don’t really understand how she does it without becoming unyielding, but she does make it happen and she really races our motors.

“It doesn’t matter which way you go as long you get somewhere!”

Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her interest in others, admirable. We adore Iris, especially when we spend time shopping, chilling out, drinking wine or when we go party crash the grand opening of the latest place-to-be. Actually, we adore Iris whenever. An out-and-out people person.

Header image credit: alphacoders.com