“This guy is always on.”

Joris Leker

Founding Partner

T +31 20 70 552 27


“He doesn’t boss you around but invariably leads by ultimate example. That is awesome.”

Co-founder and joint leader of Valsplat. An eagle eye for detail, challenging, curious and opinionated. Only needs a few seconds to identify the problem and come up with a solution. Joris’ door is always open when you have a question (or news, or a clever solution, or a brilliant idea for a practical joke).

“The man with a plan.”

By the time you think you know the ins and outs of any given subject, Joris will be able to complement your knowledge with an endless amount of new trivia and insights. It’s the inevitable result of his many years in the trenches and his insatiable curiosity: his knowledge runs as deep as it is wide.

“I like grasping complexity and turning it into something more simple. To help design teams lay the foundation for an incredible user experience.”

Joris’ knowledge and expertise allow him to tell colleagues and clients what they really need to hear — no matter how awkward or painful. Joris will give you the truth, every bit of detail backed by substantial evidence. Working with Joris is like playing football with Zlatan Ibrahimovic: he shoots, he scores. Always and everywhere. A poster child for effectivity, a team leader and motivator.

“Even when all clues seem to point in a certain direction, his instincts will lead us to the real problem and its solution.”

If you’ve got the time, invite him for a field trip to an innovation exhibition or seminar. Make your way home, order food, tickle his brain, latch on and enjoy the ride! You’ll be watching the sun rise in a different light altogether, guaranteed. Truly one of a kind.

“Joris has three children: Tijn, Nouk and Valsplat.”

Header image credit: moparmusclemagazine.com