“We are in awe of her magical powers.”

Karin Prins

Planning and resources

T +31 20 70 552 33


Everyday, Karin performs the world’s most elusive balancing act. She manages to maintain a seamless planning while assigning limited resources to an increasing number of projects. It’s like playing three-dimensional Tetris without seeing the third dimension. When we think of Karin, we can’t help but be in awe of her magical powers.

“She is a wonderful mix of McGonagall - stern yet righteous - Van Wilder - the one and only partystarter - and Hitch - the matchmaker.”

Honestly, it’s like having Mary Poppins wander around the office sometimes: she KNOWS. Karin helps us with the overview and the details of every project planning. She gently slaps us on the wrist when we are about to overlook things but doesn’t hesitate to give us a good talking-to when we need one (and sometimes, we do).

There is no end to her fastidiousness, either. Let her take you grocery shopping and you’ll be digging up the very best ingredients from market stalls you never knew existed. Together, you’ll prepare a veritable feast as you enjoy a rare super-cuvée. Please remember to bring your dancing shoes, for you’ll be dancing the night away to all the right tunes. Now that’s what we call a proper night out, courtesy of Karin Prins. Nice.

Header image credit: derekwinnert.com