“Stijn asks all the right questions.”

Stijn Nieuwendijk

Senior UX Specialist

T +31 20 70 552 29


A true story teller. Stijn takes you on a journey and makes insights comprehensible. Somehow you hang on to every word as he carefully and systematically decimates a concept. But you'll leave the room a wiser person. Guaranteed.

“He taught me to never give up, to fight for users’ interests - even if it does feel like battling windmills sometimes.”

Also an attentive listener. With Stijn you can talk about anything. Work, the meaning of life or whatever tickles your fancy. He is an enthusiastic, involved sounding board who manages to trigger the right responses.

To top it all off, he cooks. The pictures on his foodblog already make us drool. We would love to follow him home everyday and ask him to cook for us. Yum.

Top Skills

  • Usability Testing
  • User Centered Design
  • Persona
  • User Experience
  • Usability
Header image credit: myhealingkitchen.com