Shipping a great cargo experience

The challenge

Make the digital tools for the complex process of shipping goods, filled with information and options, a joy to work with.

Our solution

We set up a design framework to create consistency in the design process. We fed the new designs with user insights gathered through in-depth interviews.

Complex made easy

Our relationship with AF KL Cargo dates back to 2014. The business they work in is a very complex one. The process of shipping goods results in digital tools with loads and loads of information and options. Throw in a design where the user is not particularly kept in mind and you have a disaster. Time to help!

What KLM needed was our human-centered vision on digital developments. We wanted to show them the value of putting your user first. We started out with optimizing existing tools and workflows and soon we saw the problem. Several teams were working on projects simultaneously, without any form of central guidance or vision.

Consistency is key

Without consistency design is ineffective. To create a cohesive view that doesn’t hurt your eyes we set up a framework with design principles and a style guide. This not only pleases the user, but also sets the tone of your brand and organization.

“Valsplat knows how to make our websites beautiful, modern-looking and usable. Their mockups and designs even enable us to sell ideas internally, making sure we get the proper budget to start building new products.”

We conducted in-depth interviews with several clients to get valuable insights into what the users of the digital tools actually needed. This provided a much needed focus and direction so we could set KLM on their way to a user centered workflow and a shared design vocabulary.

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