Whipping up budding chefs into a frenzy

Ubiquitous supermarket Albert Heijn’s publication ‘Allerhande’ is a household item in The Netherlands. With its 13,000+ recipes and hundreds of videos the website is frequently used as a source of inspiration as well as a shopping and kitchen assistant.

We raised the bar for its redesign in spring 2014: regardless of the device, every recipe should inspire, taste well and help users in the kitchen. So budding chefs will always succeed.

“We went to the kitchen to find out whether the adjustment really made it easier to make that Tiramisu-cake. It did.”

Stijn Nieuwendijk


Working closely together since 2010 with Ahold, Fabrique & MediaPartners

Tested on: tablet, smartphone, desktop

Agile approach: user test in every sprint

Hundreds of voice-controlled videos, 13,000+ recipes

Scrumming from the boardroom to the kitchen

Working Agile

From the start we worked closely with the design team in this scrum project. We helped to find answers to difficult UX questions. We also assisted when well-founded decisions needed to be made.

It goes without saying that we regularly involved our users. We held short sessions in small groups so we could provide insights to the team quickly. Insights were shared with stakeholders at every sprint review. That way, we made sure the entire team maintained a user-centered focus.

Research methods used

Concept tests

Usability tests

Online surveys

Expert reviews

Allerhande app

Kitchen review:
testing voice control

In addition to the site we also helped develop a new iPad App. It contains recipes supported by step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. The app needed to feature voice control so your hands can do the actual work (and floury fingers aren’t exactly iPad’s best friends).

We tested extensively in actual kitchens. With real recipes, ingredients and cooking utensils. It was the only way to find out whether the app would work properly in its intended context. And if that Tiramisu cake would actually be easier to make.

Improve and develop further

Now that the site and app are up and running, we continue assisting the Allerhande team. We are working closely on improvement, expansion and development. This is only the beginning!