Helping Delta Lloyd listen to their customers

When you participate in a Delta Lloyd collective pension fund, you can keep track of its status online. A usability test revealed that the current environment provided insufficient information to users. The finding confirmed the need for a Retirement Planner, something already on Delta Lloyd’s long term agenda. We helped realizing a first draft.

User-centered approach

“What is my pension fund’s current status?”

The first test showed that consumers were looking for information the current environment did not offer: "How much pension will I get and what happens if something changes in my life?" It was clear to Delta Lloyd then, that there was a need for a user-centered retirement planner.

We make difficult things easy

Delta Lloyd knows pensions inside out, but struggled with conveying that knowledge to consumers. We in our turn now significantly less about pension funds but do know an awful lot about users. Together we formulated the principles behind the Retirement Planner. We then translated these into an initial sketch and built upon it, keeping the end user firmly in mind. We gradually introduced complex calculations and expressions.

Bits & Bobs

Method used: Concept test

Complemental: DL understands pensions, VP knows users

Money saver: test early, save development and design money

In order to find out early whether the concept met user needs, we created a clickable prototype. Design played no role at this stage, because we focused primarily on the Retirement Planners usability and possible features. After a first round of testing with four users, we made several changes then submitted the prototype to four more users.

“In this case it was actually an advantage that we aren’t pension experts.”

Lotte Horn

The studies often yielded surprising results. Users meticulously pointed out the weak points of the concept, for example. A major advantage of working with simplified prototypes at such an early stage of development is that changes can be made without incurring high costs.