Towards a user centered culture, par excellence

2011 marked the beginning of an exciting long term collaboration with Dutch leading health insurer Zilveren Kuis. It started with improving the online sales funnel. We conducted research, then joined forces with the design team. Together, we developed a significantly altered concept in which the experience revolved around the users. Other projects quickly followed, turning Zilveren Kruis into a user-driven company.

Welcoming user insights

The start of a joint effort

Before we got involved, a few members of the online team of Zilveren Kruis acted upon the users behalf, already conducting user tests. But it was difficult to involve users early on. To make radical changes when necessary.

In 2011 we joined the team, bringing us physically together. It kept communication lines as short as possible and helped forge a shared vision and work ethic. Together, we started asking the difficult questions and bothered stakeholders, spoke with different departments and made sure everybody got involved. And it paid off!

“The user experience of our website has increased considerably. It resulted in an improved and well converting sales funnel. In short, a very successful collaboration!”

Hubrecht van der Beek, Campaign Manager

Step by step towards user-centered design experience

The highlight was the sales funnel. Zilveren Kruis wanted to enable users to select and apply for a health care package online. Analysis of user behavior showed that users did not complete calculations for their health insurance premium, because they simply did not have the adequate information. Users also objected to a linear purchasing process! We immediately altered our approach to the sales funnel and related components on the site.

Furthermore, project board meetings revealed that Zilveren Kruis strived for radical transparency towards their customers. We welcomed the ambition as it tied in perfectly with the users’ wish for a non-linear sales process. With the cooperation of Zilveren Kruis and their partners we proposed an altered approach. It was welcomed wholeheartedly.

Bits & bobs

Methods used: Concept test, Usability test, Eye-tracking research

Client served since 2011

New concept developed based on tests and analyses

Testing during design phase meant shorter production schedule

Introduction of non-linear sales funnel

Involving users as early as possible

Throughout the years we cleared the path towards an user-driven company by making user insights accessible and tangible. We invited stakeholders to observe user tests live, shared insights with different departments and visualized the entire process by using vertical campfires. Everywhere we went, we emphasized the importance of involving users early on.

We also helped Zilveren Kruis realize that user tests can be of use during design stages. Rapidly, simply and without much ado. Just hit the streets with fresh new design sketches on a laptop — it works! The same goes for setting up a portable test lab. Just do it. We really helped Zilveren Kruis to embrace this approach to gathering insights.

Our efforts proved to be fruitful. Together, we involved users during the development of e.g. the client domain and mobile application. Additionally, we started researching offline means such as newsletters and flyers. We really helped Zilveren Kruis embrace this approach to gather insights and establishing a user-centered culture. Together, we succeeded.

Team members during a workshop

User experience throughout the company

A bright future ahead

Now, in 2015, it is safe to say Zilveren Kruis is changing their culture, making user experience one of their building blocks. Both online and offline. User experience is truly embedded within the daily work and the consumers are involved early on. To give a marvelous example, Zilveren Kruis is even using user insights in the development of new products!

Zilveren Kruis is a great example of how user experience is the responsibility of an entire company. Not solely of one person, nor one team. When everybody wholeheartedly embraces user experience the necessary and sometimes radical changes can be made.