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Prins Hendrikkade 21-3
1012TL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Research location
Prins Hendrikkade 22
1012TM Amsterdam
The Netherlands*

* and 24 other countries

Traveling by public transport?
Standing on the square in front of Central Station you can already see the building. Cross the bridge that is closest to the Ibis Hotel, which should be on your right. Our lab (on number 22) is next to the Albert Heijn supermarket. Our offices (on number 21) are above it on the third floor.

IBAN: NL20 ABNA 0564 3843 21
Chamber of Commerce: 3016 3008
VAT: NL8181.33.946.B.01
WBP: 1643389

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We are proud members of UX Fellows, the global network for quality research. Considering an international campaign? We will happily deliver local user insights, ranging from the Americas via EMEA to the heart of Asia Pacific Places like San Francisco and Miami in the USA, Toronto in Canada in Northern America. Or Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico, São Paulo in Brasil, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Bogotá in Colombia in the Southern America's. In Europe, we can help you in Helsinki (Finland), Leuven (Belgium), Munich or Berlin in Germany, Lausanne in Switzerland, London in the UK, Paris in France, Madrid in Spain, Rome in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey, Tallinn in Estonia, Warsaw in Poland and Moscow in Russia. In the far east and Oceania we're happy to host you in Dubai (UAE), Seoul in South Korea, Mumbai in India, Singapore, Shanghai in China, Tokyo in Japan or Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.. Direct your enquiries to hello@valsplat.nl or call Caressa Fooij on +31 20 70 552 31.