“If the user can’t use it, it’s useless.”

Evert van Duijn

UX Specialist

T +31 20 70 552 25


Evert turns unbridled energy into valuable feedback. He filters out the hogwash and adds his irresistible charm. Clients and ladies love him alike. We can’t blame them.

Multimedia designer, marketer, user experience designer, brand lover, visual designer, creative problem solver, curious, perfectionist, eager to learn, customer-focused, straightforward, apple fanboy, photographer, adrenaline junkie

His audacity makes him a very pleasant brainstorm companion, fearlessly asking all the right questions and contributing to possible solutions. His infectious enthusiasm makes him infinitely likable, even when he delivers messages that border on the painful.

When we're not at the office, we love getting plastered with Evert. And please don't tell him this, but: we secretly envy his irresistible charisma. Even though he does makes us think of The Lion King's Timon sometimes (don't tell him that, either).

Top Skills

  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Concept Development
  • User Interface


  • Communication and Multimedia Design (BA) at Hogeschool Rotterdam
Header image credit: disney.wikia.com