We are a design consultancy inspired by a love for digital and people.

From the very first day our business has been about improving digital experiences. And we still get excited about all the innovative ideas changing the digital world. There is only one thing that gets us even more excited and that is people. Because in the end digital should always be about the people using it. At least, that’s what we believe! So we made it our personal mission to empower teams and organizations to humanize digital interactions.

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Design by insight

Our impact

We like commitment. To our mission, but also to our clients. Some of them basically have been with us from the beginning. 19 Years of collaboration with awesome brands have allowed us to make a huge impact on millions of lives.


Our best guess for the amount of lives we improve with our work.


Together with our clients Bol.com, Wehkamp and Coolblue we were part of the online shopping revolution, turning it into a habit for millions of Dutch households.

Real estate

With Funda, one of our first clients, we have disrupted the house buying market from window shopping to couch browsing.

Media & culture

Our impact extends way beyond Dutchies with the work we are involved in for clients like Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Together, we make visiting museums meaningful and fun.

Postal & parcel

The postal market is declining, but together with PostNL we set a new industry benchmark for parcel track and trace information.

Grocery shopping

Together with Albert Heijn we play a big role in shifting our society towards online grocery shopping.


With Eneco we shifted energy from intangible figures and a yearly bill to a commodity people have insight in and full control over.

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Our team

Every day our team of creative minds and sharp thinkers is set out to make our digital world a little more beautiful and a little more human.

Our story

We started Valsplat back in 2000, in the midst of the dot-com bubble. The hype was about to burst and criticism on the internet was rising. But even in this period of turmoil we believed in a digital world that put people at the heart. In fact, we believed it so hard, we started a business around it.

Over the course of 19 years the digital world has evolved tremendously. And with it we bloomed into a full blown design consultancy. Creating digital experiences people love by being involved in every step of the process. From insights to design, we’ve got your back.