We try to make a positive impact on the world with everything we do. So every now and then we use our research and design skills to do voluntary projects. Recently, we dived into the topic of meat consumption.

More and more people want to reduce their meat consumption – for several reasons, like climate change, animal abuse, and health. At the same time, a lot of these people don’t actually change their eating habits. Their beliefs don’t always align with their behavior. That sparked our interest and left us with a bunch of questions.

Why do people really want to reduce their meat consumption? How do they approach it? Which triggers and strategies do they apply? What moves them and holds them back?

A picture of Pauline preparing creative exercises for the group interviews at our Amsterdam office.
Pauline preparing creative exercises for the group interviews.

By doing a diary study and group interviews we learned all about people’s needs, frustrations, and considerations around reducing meat consumption. This deep understanding is a fruitful soil to build solutions that make a difference. Both in the offline and online world.

Below, you can get more background information on the research and the insights (in poster format) for free. It includes some concrete examples of solutions to put you on the right track and help people on their journey toward eating less meat.

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