A simple tool to assess and improve the value of your digital product

What makes a digital moment truly valuable? We ask ourselves that question every day. To find answers we turn to our Heroes of Value.

Our heroes stand for clear principles. They make you look at your product from different perspectives. They inspire you to ideate and add more value to your product.

Use them in your team to improve your product and come up with new ideas. There is so much more you can do. One thing we know for sure: if you make a digital moment count, it always pays off.

Meet our heroes

We have 10 Heroes of Value, all with their own guiding principles. Meet The Includer, she is there to remind you that everyone should be able to participate. Or The Cupid, to inspire you to touch people’s hearts. And the Idealist, who challenges you to contribute to a better world.

To consult our heroes in our daily work we have created a useful card set. This way everyone can get to know them and see what they stand for. It’s an easy way to put them to work during your next workshop or project.

Meet our heroes

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Our Heroes of Value card set wil be ready to ship soon. Just fill in this form and we will send you a free card set.

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