Design by insight: how we blend research and design

Design by insight is a way of thinking in which research and design meet continuously. It makes sure your product won’t just be awesome — it will be loved by your customers at the same time. 

Design by insight consists of two elements: discovery and delivery.

Discovery & Delivery loop

Discovery is all about designing the right thing — It starts with uncovering the real problem. We do research and dive into the minds of your customers to see what moves them. And we dive into yours as well, because you already know a lot — about your customers, brand, and market. We do stakeholder interviews, check analytics, and go through old reports. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find the real problem, and sometimes it’s right under our nose. Either way, we create concepts that are inspired by you and your customers and are guaranteed to make both of you smile.

Delivery is all about designing the thing right — A great concept is nothing without the right execution. Our interaction- and visual designers help you bring solutions to life. Always inspired by insight from research and experiments. We involve you and your customers to improve products before and after they’re launched. We do UX tests, A/​B tests, and we talk with stakeholders to make sure the brand perspective is covered. That’s how we create products you and your customers love.

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